Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our New Religion

    Our New Religion

    From “Gaily the Troubadour”

    by  Arthur Guiterman  (1871-1943)

    First dentistry was painless.
    Then bicycles were chainless,
    Carriages were horseless,
    And many laws enforceless.

    Next cookery was fireless,
    Telegraphy was wireless,
    Cigars were nicotineless,
    And coffee caffeineless.

    Soon oranges were seedless,
    The putting green was weedless,
    The college boy was hatless,
    The proper diet fatless.

    New motor roads are dustless,
    The latest steel is rustless,
    Our tennis courts are sodless,
    Our new religion — godless.


  1. Sure E. Great poem. Where shall we start. Why is Christianity special or unique amongst all the other religions and Gods evidenced throught our time? Allah, Marduk, Baal, Odin, Shiva, etc. Why randomly have you selected Jesus and Yahweh as YOUR deity? They all have inompatible claims so why is yours right?

    1. I was agnostic in my late teens to early twenties. I became attracted to the Eastern Religions, primarily Buddhism, due to my involvement with martial arts.

      At some point, I wanted to find out more; find the truth. I added a number of religious and philosophical studies to my college curriculum. None of them were Bible related. My father understood my growing need to be able to logically accept a belief in how things came to be before I could put my faith into it. He challenged me to compile the evidence in support or opposition to the different religions.

      I spent a few years in this pursuit and continue to this day, but I accepted the Biblical account after a few years. Each new piece of evidence only strengthens my convictions.

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